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Buy tickets

Where can I buy tickets for daily visits to St. Michael’s/ Barone/ St. John's Fortress?

Tickets for daily visits to the Šibenik fortresses can be bought within working hours at the following locations:

  • sales desks of St. Michael’s Fortress (Zagrađe 21)
  • sales desk of Barone Fortress (Put Vuka Mandušića 28)
  • sales desk of Barone Fortress (Put Tanaje 29)


Combined ticket for St. Michael’s, Barone and St. John's Fortress

Combined ticket for St. Michael’s Fortress, Barone and St. John's  Fortress is the most favorable way to visit the fortresses. It includes a single visit to St. Michael’s, Barone and St. John's Fortress within working hours.

Combined ticket is valid for 7 days from the purchase date (for instance, a ticket bought on June 13th is valid till June 19th, and can be used for a single visit to St. Michael’s Fortress and  single visit to Barone Fortress).

What does a daily ticket for St. Michael’s Fortress include?

A daily ticket for St. Michael’s Fortress includes a single visit to one of the oldest medieval monuments of Croatian cultural heritage. The duraton of visit is unlimited duration within working hours.

A walk along the renovated walls of the fortress is a chance to enjoy the view on Šibenik and its surrounding area, as well as the spectacular open-air stage constructed during the 2014 fortress revitalisation project. You can ask for an audio guide at Info point and create your own route!

You can also visit the subterranean parts of the fortress, including two 15th century cisterns, a bread oven, and rock cannonballs. In the cisterns, a history of town and fortress is told by 3D mapping technology.

The Info point is available troughout the year. From April to October the souvenir shop, a café bar, as well as the occasional exhibits in the gallery room are at visitors disposal.

Concert season on the most beautiful stage of the Adriatic lasts from June to September. All information on the events can be found here.

Approximate duration of visit is around 45 minutes.

What does a daily ticket for Barone Fortress include?

A daily ticket for Barone & St. John's Fortress includes a single visit to this important defense poinst of Šibenik, built in the 17th century. The duration of the visit is unlimited within working hours.

During daytime at Barone Fortress you can take the augmented reality (AR) tour (per availability, check in Barone Shop). Via tablet devices a real-world view is enhanced by computer-generated imagery and sounds. The AR tour is included in the daily ticket price.

At the fortress there are Barone bar and souvenir shop with a rich and diverse offer of autochthonous products.

Approximate duration of visit is around 40 minutes. If you decide to experience the AR tour, the visit will last about one hour and 15 minutes.

Keep your daily ticket for Barone Fortress - it allows you admission to some of evening programmes.

St. John's Fortress is the biggest and the last renewed Šibenik fortress which extends over 19000 square meters. It is divided into two parts-the northern part called 'The pliers', below which the educational campus is situated, and the southern part, called 'The star' an amazing view of the city of Šibenik and its archipelago. There is also a cafe bar situated on 'The Star' where you can enjoy your favorite drink and in the souvenir shop (also situated on The Star) you can find an item that will always remind you of your visit to the Šibenik fortresses.

Can I buy a daily ticket for one fortress only?

It is possible to buy a daily ticket for visit one of the fortresses. Find the ticket prices here.

Where can I buy tickets for evening programs on Šibenik fortresses?

Tickets for the evening programs at St. Michael's Fortress can be bought at the sales desk of the fortresses and online at Eventim.

Tickets for evening events on Barone Fortress can be bought at the sale desk of Barone Fortress (Put Vuka Mandušića 28).

For evening programs where Fortress of Culture is co-organizing the event, there can be more sales points. Be sure to check the official web pages of the main organizers for further information.


Who does the family ticket apply to?

The family ticket for the fortresses applies solely to parents and/or legal guardians and their children from 7 to 18 years of age. Find ticket prices here.

The childern older than 16 years of age can be asked by an Fortress of Culture personel for an ID card or a document that confirms their age.


Are there student discounts available?

Student discount is obtainable by presenting a valid document as proof of college participation (student card or transcript).


Pricing catalog and payment options

Payments at the fortresses can be made in cash and by card. Cash payments are available only in euros (€). All credit and debit cards, except American Express, are accepted.

Group tickets payment options:

  • in cash
  • by credit or debit card (except American Express)
  • by voucher
  • by advanced payment
  • by transaction account

solely with previous appointment and arrangement at or +385 (0)91 619 65 34.

You can find the official pricing catalog for all ticket categories here.

Organized group visits and expert guided tours

Organized group visits to the Šibenik fortresses have to be announced in advance, no later than 48 hours prior to the planned visit date.

All payments regarding group visits can be paid in euros (EUR)

  • by cash
  • by credit or debit card (except American Express)
  • by voucher
  • by advanced payment
  • by transaction account

as prior arranged with the Fortress of Culture employee.

We offer age-specific expert guided tours at St. Michael’s and Barone fortresses in Croatian and English. The announcement and date reservation must be made no later than 48 hours prior to the planned visit date.

Announcements, reservations and arrangements can be obtained in person at City Point (Don Krste Stošića 1), by phone at +385 (0)91 619 65 34, or via e-mail at

Expert guideed tours are charged according to the official daily visits regulations of Fortress of Culture Šibenik.

Do journalists and other media members reserve a right of free entrance to the fortresses?

Journalist and other media members can apply for a press pass (either for daily visit or evening events) by filling out the Press contact form.

With approval of Fortress of Culture Marketing, Sales and PR Department valid Press passes are issued.


Do tour guides and group chaperones reserve a right of free entrance to the fortresses?

Tour guides and group chaperones obtain a right of free entrance to the fortresses if are accompanying organized group of visitors.

Valid certification is required to obtain a right of free entrance.

Are St. Michael’s, Barone and St. John's Fortress part of the Šibenik City Card system?

St. Michael’s, Barone and St. John's Fortress are part of the Šibenik City Card system. All visitors need to do is present valid Šibenik City Card at the fortresses cash desks.

Plan your visit

Working hours of Šibenik fortresses

The Šibenik fortresses are open for daily visits all year round, except on public holidays in December and January.

You can check out working hours here.

The date of transition between different opening hours may vary. In case of announcements and bookings of group visits we recommend prior checking. 

Working hours of bars & bistro on the fortresses

The Barone bistro working hours corresponds to the working hours of Barone Fortress, unless there is unforseen circumstance.

The café bar at St. Michael’s Fortress is open from April till October, according to weather conditions.

How to reach us?

Click here for the map and further information how to reach St. Michael's Fortress and Barone Fortress.

Is there parking on the fortresses?

Adjacent to the walls of Barone Fortress there is free parking space available for approximately 30 vehicles. You can use this parking for visiting St. John's Fortress too. St. John's and Barone Fortress are just a short walk away. 

To visit St. Michael’s Fortress, you need to park your vehicle at one of the available car parks nearby.

At the fortresses

Access for disabled persons

At St. Michael’s Fortress, feel welcome to contact our Info point personel to access the higher levels of the fortress. From the entrance for disabled persons and using the elevator, disabled persons and the ones with walking disabilities can reach the stage level, but not the ramparts.

There is also the appropriate toilet on the premises.

At Barone Fortress, access to all levels of the fortress is possible for disabled persons and the ones with walking disabilities.

There is also the appropriate toilet on the premises. If locked, please contact the personel in Barone Shop (souvenir shop).

Disabled persons can approach the lower, northern part of St. John's Fortress.

Youngest visitors

At St. Michael’s and Barone Fortresses the diaper changing stations are installed within the sanitary facilities.

At St. Michael’s Fortress access for strollers is possible by elevator. For using the elevator contact the Info point personel. 

There is kids corner near the Info point, where children can rest and enjoy the time at the fortress.

At Barone Fortress, access for strollers is already facilitated. 

There is a playgoround for children at the premises - a wooden boat.

Luggage, lost & found

At St. Michael’s Fortress, there are cabinets available for laying down smaller luggage, with matching keys.

For any lost personal objects at both fortresses feel free to contact the personel.

St. Michael’s Fortress information: Info point,

Barone Fortress information: Barone Shop (souvenir shop),

Where and how can subscribe for the fortresses Newsletter?

Please scroll down any page of this site to subscribe for the fortresses Newsleter.

Updates about programs, news & much more about Šibenik fortresses are one click away!

Concerts, cultural programs, educational workshops

Concerts and cultural programs

At St. Michael’s Fortress  concerts are held on the summer open-air stage from June till September.

In the same period, Barone Fortress hosts smaller concerts as well as movie nights with screenings of independent world cinematography works.

Check the complete program

Educational workshops for school students

Educational program My Fortress of Knowledge comprise of carefully designed workshops through which students of different ages can learn about the history of the fortresse while having fun with our educators-interpreters.

For further informations, announcements and reservations contact City Point office (Don Krste Stošića 1), by phone at +385 (0)91 619 65 34, or at

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