Augmented Reality


Barone Fortress is the place where history is explained through augmented reality (AR). Take a walk on the Fortress and witness Šibenik’s past using the augmented reality device, while your reality is expanded by computer generated image and sound.

Our virtual guides will show you the epic battles against the Ottomans during the Cretan War and show you two great victories of the people of Šibenik. Discover the archaeological remains with an audio guide and find out about the destructive power of cannons, whose replicas are nowadays located in the demibastions of the Fortress.

The AR tour is included in the admission ticket price!


Dear visitors, the entrance to Barone Fotress is free on weekends in February - Saturdays & Sundays, including March 1st 2020 (from 9 AM to 4 PM).



Dragi posjetitelji, vikendima u veljači (subotom i nedjeljom, uključujući i 1.3.2020.) ulaz na Tvrđavu Barone je slobodan (od 9 do 16 sati).