EU Projects

Fortress of culture Šibenik is constantly working on designing, applying and implementing of heritage projects. Through realization of projects financed by European funds, the institution develops multilateral partnerships with related institutions and organizations at European level with the aim of exchanging knowledge and best practices in revitalization, preservation and sustainable management of cultural heritage.

KREativna ŠIbenska Mreža Integriranog kulturnog Razvoja – KREŠIMIR

Project title: KREativna ŠIbenska Mreža Integriranog kulturnog Razvoja – KREŠIMIR

Project acronym: KREŠIMIR

Funding: European Social Fund

Operational Programme Efficient Human Resources 2014 - 2020

Project worth: 737.252,18 HRK; EU funding 626.664,35 HRK

Location: Šibenik

User: Public Institution Fortress of Culture Šibenik

Level 1 Mediator: Ministry of Culture Republic of Croatia

Level 2 Mediator: National Fondation for Civil Society Development

Partners: Grad Šibenik, Šibenska udruga mladih Š.U.M, Udruga mladih „Mladi u Europskoj uniji“ i Feniks – udruga za ljudski razvoj i inovativne akcije

Project start and end date: October 29th 2018 – October 29th 2019

Project duration: 12 months

Vera Jergović Bolanča
Promotion Assistent



  • Developing good governance within the Šibenik city culture through strengthening the capacities of local cultural stakeholders for participatory management.
  • Intensifying cooperation and networking between public and civil cultural sector by establishing a local creative network for integrated cultural development (KREŠIMIR network).



  • gather and educate stakeholders in culture
  • promote partnership between civil and public cultural sector
  • enable inclusion of civil society organizations in the process of creating cultural policies in local community
  • increase citizens access to culture and art programes



  • employes/members of partner organizations
  • employes of PI Fortress of Culture and City of Šibenik
  • members of local civil organizations
  • local cultural stakeholders


The main problems project resolves

  • insufficiently developed cooperation between civil and public cultural sector in Šibenik
  • underdeveloped capacities of stakeholders for participatory management.



Element: Development of cooperation and networking in the field of participatory management in culture

  • Educating cultural stakeholders within the city of Šibenik
  • Researching the needs of stakeholders in the city of Šibenik
  • Designing Action Plan for development of participatory cultural management in city of Šibenik
  • Study visit to Pogon - Zagreb Centre for Independent Culture and Youth
  • KREŠIMIR network open doors day
  • Creating network KREŠIMIR Practical Guide

Element: Visibility

  • KREŠIMIR network web site design
  • Development of promotional materials and tools
  • Project promotion

Element:  Project management