House of Arts Arsen, St. Michael’s Fortress and Barone Fortress are the venues for the Target Conference 2020 programmes. The three locations in the city centre are within 15-minutes walking distance of each other.

House of Arts Arsen

The new urban public venue is designed to host music and stage events, cinema screenings, theatre performances, exhibitions and conferences. It is a space of maximum adaptability, i.e. functionality, equipped to high production standards. For example, the modular floor installed in the auditorium allows for rapid transformation of the space, depending on the production needs of the content to be performed.

Focused primarily on contemporary cultural and artistic practices, and connecting the cultural scene and the local environment, it aims to provide diverse and quality programmes that nurture new, young audiences and thus enrich the cultural life of the community. Over time, this place should become a local and regional hub, a place of learning, inspiration, creativity and memories. 

St. Michael’s Fortress

The oldest of the four city fortresses, located in the city centre, is a recognizable cultural heritage monument that has come to life with the process of revitalization. As part of the project, a large open-air stage was built with 1077 seats and underground spaces were arranged. The fortress opened its doors to visitors in 2014, ever since it has been available to visitors daily. It promotes revaluation and revitalization of Croatian cultural goods with a rich offer of cultural, musical and stage events and is recognized as one of the most prestigious stages in the region and an unavoidable destination for cultural tourism.

The aim of one of the main drivers of the city's development is the constant designing and providing new cultural, educational, musical, stage and other interesting programmes. Thus, the fortress has been implementing innovative and modern digital content from 2019 - 3D mapping inside the 15th-century underground tanks.

Barone Fortress

Barone Fortress was built in 1646 to join St.John’s Fortress and form the first line of defence against the invasion of the Ottoman Empire. Although it contributed to a great victory, the fortress was abandoned after the end of the Ottoman threat. The great renovation of the Barone Fortress began in 2014 and aimed to turn the fortress into an innovative, interactive museum using modern achievements to bring the past to life and bring visitors closer to the crucial moments of the battle against the Ottomans.

The story of great courage and victory continues to be told until today, with augmented reality (AR) technology. Infrastructure work during the fortress's renovation included the construction of an amphitheatre, a children's playground, and the equipping of a gastronomy-cultural centre, a bistro and a souvenir shop, which preserve the gastronomic heritage of the area through flavours and aromas. All of this makes Barone Fortress invaluable heritage for future generations.