Rašeljka Bilić


Museums, Availability of National Cultural Heritage and Audience Development

Audience development in culture is one of the priorities and important components of cultural politics sustainability in, not only the Republic of Croatia, but also the whole Europe. It is aimed at creating long-term processes which will raise the level of active audience participation in culture and art and make them more available, all by recognizing the multivocality of audiences' needs, their social and economic experiences, as well as the age range of potential users.

Therefore, the Ministry of Culture allows primarily for availability, protection and restoration of cultural heritage monuments in the Republic of Croatia, and also ensures a continual support for interactive and interdisciplinary program activities within culture. Additionally, 2018 saw a step forward in the need to stimulate all cultural stakeholders by launching the annual call for funding for all those programs designed specifically for cultural audiences development in the Republic of Croatia.

When selecting the co-financed audience development programs quality, authenticity and innovativeness, promoting intercultural dialog, professional validity, cost-effectiveness and regional distribution will be considered.

Foto Raseljka Bilic

Rašeljka Bilić is an employee of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Croatia, where she runs the Museum Activities Department. She graduated from the Faculty of Philosophy in Zagreb with degrees in Art History and Museology and obtained an MA in Art History. In 2014, she began her career at the Ministry of Culture - in the Directorate for the Development of Culture and Art in museum, gallery and art activities, and then from 2017, in the Directorate for Archives, Libraries, and Museums as Head of the Museum Activities Department. In those services, Rašeljka actively and regularly deals with the legislative framework for the performing of museum activities in the Republic of Croatia, as well as services related to strategic issues of museum activity development and the application of museology in everyday practice in Croatian museums. She published art reviews in the Vijenac magazine and is actively involved in the events of Zagreb’s art scene.