Alessandra Gariboldi


Audience Development as a Holistic Concept for Cultural Management

Audience Development has been a hype for a while in the cultural sector, but we can say after few years of theory and practice at the EU level that, mostly, we have been talking about the right thing for the wrong reasons, and often in the wrong way. By using this same definition of "AD" we assume there's something wrong with people (not educated, not interested, not critical enough...) but what we learned is that audience development is not about developing audiences, but much more about developing cultural organisations. What does it happen to us when we really look after the people we work for (and with)? How does this affect our same management, cultural and sometimes even artistic frameworks? 

Foto Alessandra Gariboldi

Alessandra Gariboldi is a cultural audience development expert. She holds degrees in Museum Pedagogy and Cultural Mediation from the University of Rome, a degree in Design of Integrative Cultural Systems from the Enaip Lombardia Foundation, and a degree in Conservation of Cultural Goods from the University of Parma. Alessandra is a senior researcher and consultant in the fields of visitor research and cultural project evaluation. Her primary focus comprises audience motivation and participatory approaches to audiences. She is the coordinator of the Fitzcarraldo Foundation's Research and Counselling Department, while she also collaborates with the Cultural Observatory in Piedmont, Italy. As a researcher and lecturer, she has been involved in some of the most important projects of audience development in the EU: Adeste+ (Audience Developer Skills and Training in Europe), Connect (Connecting Audiences) and Be SpectActive.