Agata Etmanowicz


Designing International Cultural Institutions Capable of Attracting Millennials

Summary in Agata's words: "We will try to have a closer look at both sides of this equation: cultural institutions and the so-called Millennials. What are the main challenges cultural institutions are facing these days? Is attracting Millennials one of them? Who are the Millennials? What are their challenges? What about Centennials, the generation that has never experienced a world without internet? Is thinking in the categories of generations, age, while programming cultural institutions helpful? Is it possible to ensure relevance and attractiveness of culture offering for different audiences (regardless of their date of birth…)?"

Foto Agata Etzmanowicz

Agata Etmanowicz is the president of Impact Foundation that provides support to cultural organizations and institutions by means of audience development. She is a former employee of the Polish Ministry of Culture and a Coordinator of the European Civil Society Program. Agata is also the co-founder of the Poland Without Barriers Foundation, an organization that works toward breaking architectural and mental barriers, enabling people with disabilities to function in the society without difficulties. She conducts numerous workshops on audience participation and involvement in culture and inspires with her approach and knowledge in the fields of socio-cultural planning, cultural policies, and international cooperation. Agata actively takes part in organizations within the cultural sector on the global level. Among other things, she worked on audience development within the Applause Please program as part of the Rijeka 2020 project - European Capital of Culture.