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Target Conference gathers Croatian and European audience development experts and provides an opportunity for inspiring discussions and productive interactions.



  • strengthening the capacity of cultural institutions in the field of audience development
  • contributing to the creation of quality contents
  • introducing tools and guidelines for successful identification and development of audiences to conference participants


  • heads of cultural institutions
  • cultural management experts
  • cultural professionals working in marketing and program creation
  • cultural researchers 
  • and other interested members of the public

The purpose of this conference format is to gather and connect with target groups to make research and development of audiences the key components of the work of cultural institutions. The aim is also to showcase good practices, discuss new research findings, and to connect theory and research with practical work in the field. 

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How did the 2020 Target Conference happen?

The idea for the Target Conference originated in Fortress of Culture Šibenik in September 2018, when the first one-day international conference called ''Audience development and Cultural Management: New Concepts for New Models'' was launched in Šibenik.

The conference aimed to encourage local, regional and national cultural policymakers and heritage management public institutions to further develop after contemporary concepts and cultural practices of the 21st century - which emphasize precisely audience development.

More than 70 participants from cultural institutions, public authorities, and civil organizations from all over Dalmatia attended the conference. The speakers were experts from the fields of cultural management, museology and communication science from Croatia, Slovenia, and Italy, who presented contemporary trends in audience development and best practices in incorporating cultural heritage into the daily lives of local communities.


  • the conference highlighted the need to introduce a systematic approach to the topic of audience development at the national level
  • cultural institutions continue to address this topic intuitively, without a strategic approach, and with rare evaluations of the designed programs
  • a need for available knowledge and tools for devising successful audience development concepts was also emphasized
  • the challenges placed:
    • the question of additional funding sources for institutions and organizations
    • the adaptation of the institutions’ management models to contemporary 21st-century concepts and cultural practices
    • the advancement of professional and public dialogues on cultural audiences development on national and international levels


Following the conclusions of the previous edition of the conference, Fortress of Culture continues with the organization of audience development conferences in Šibenik, enriching the program and changing its name to

Target Conference